Procurement made easier with Komatsu and Sourcewell

If you’re a municipality or government agency, there is now an easier way to purchase Komatsu’s world-class equipment, backed by our unparalleled customer support. Through our national cooperative contract with Sourcewell (formerly the National Joint Powers Alliance), qualified government agency members now have access to over 50 different Komatsu products, technology, service and solutions.

As one of the largest governmental cooperative agencies in North America, Sourcewell represents more than 50,000 members that include government, education and nonprofit organizations.  Its members have access to hundreds of competitively solicited contracts offering a variety of products and services.  

Komatsu was awarded a four-year Sourcewell contract following an extensive evaluation process. With support from our 34 Komatsu distributors—and their more than 200 collective branches across North America—Sourcewell members can count on service and support for heavy construction equipment and related accessories, attachments and supplies.

Check with your local Komatsu dealer to learn more.



Some FAQs about Komatsu and Sourcewell


How do I know if I qualify to purchase Komatsu equipment through a Sourcewell contract?

Sourcewell membership is open to any government agency, nonprofit organization, education institution (private or public) or tribal entity. There is no cost to join, nor are there any minimum contract purchasing requirements or obligations.

Sourcewell’s goal is to offer its members a more affordable and hassle-free way to acquire new equipment, technology products and services. If you think your organization qualifies, and you are interested in joining, visit Sourcewell’s Become a Member page to find the online application and learn more.


Why should I purchase through a Sourcewell contract?

Sourcewell helps not-for-profit entities secure equipment and technology without the frustration and potential issues you might encounter with vendor selection or an RFP process. Through Sourcewell’s collective purchasing contracts, its members receive cost savings on equipment and technology. Cooperative purchasing can be an effective strategy to help you balance competing priorities, aggressive deadliness, rigid procurement policies and budget cuts.


Can you tell me more about what cooperative purchasing is?

Cooperative purchasing allows you to buy high-quality heavy equipment at a competitive price. That gives your community or organization, machines that work faster, last longer and can lower ownership costs.

Here’s how cooperative contracts are developed:

  • Multiple parties identify a common need that can be addressed through cooperative purchasing and then sign an agreement to work together
  • Sourcewell researches options, solicits and reviews proposals, and finally awards a contract to approved vendors
  • Sourcewell administers the contract for a specified period of time

Where can I get more information about the pricing and Komatsu services available to me through Sourcewell?

Please contact your local Komatsu distributor for more information. Here is a full list of our North America distributors.


Does this purchasing agreement with Sourcewell cover every piece of Komatsu equipment?

Your local Komatsu distributor can inform you which machines and services are available, however there are 55 models across 9 product groups covered under the Komatsu Sourcewell contract. 


Are the products that are available for purchase through the Sourcewell contract more generic types of machines?

Our equipment available to Sourcewell members includes the same high-quality machines we distribute to our commercial customers.


Is there a published Sourcewell price list I can access?

Sourcewell members can contact their local Komatsu distributor for more information about machine pricing and service offerings.


What are the benefits to me (as a customer) to purchase through Sourcewell?

Sourcewell helps not-for-profit entities secure equipment and technology without the frustration and potential issues often involved with vendor selection or an RFP process. If you are a qualifying government agency, nonprofit organization, education institution (private or public) or tribal entity, membership is free.


Why does Sourcewell do this, and what’s in it for them?

Sourcewell is a self-funded organization, staffed by public employees, that is financially supported by vendors, like Komatsu, which provide products and services to its members.

Sourcewell Awarded Contract

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