Proper Idling

What’s Regeneration in Tier 4 Machines?

  • Newer machines have filters that catch soot produced by the engine
  • These filters have self-cleaning abilities called regeneration
  • Regeneration uses heat to oxidize soot into gases that leave the filter
  • It’s a normal part of running machines equipped with diesel particulate filters and rarely gets in the way of operating 
Active regeneration

When you see this yellow symbol:

• Work your machine hard
     ○ A loaded engine makes hotter exhaust gas, and that’s better for regeneration
  If you need to shut the machine down, that’s fine
    ○ Regeneration will pick up where it left off at the next restart
  If you need to idle, do it the right way
Manual regeneration

When you see this red symbol:

  Park the machine in a safe area
  Follow proper idling procedure

How To Properly Idle & Shut Down

  • If you’re going to idle for more than a minute or two
        ○ In a tracked machine, all lock levers in the lock position and throttle dial at minimum
        ○ In a wheeled machine, transmission in neutral, parking brake applied and accelerator pedal released
  • This is the safest way
  • It also helps the machine optimize regeneration
  • If you’re going to shut down, let the machine cool off for 5 minutes before turning the key

If You’ve Got Questions

  • Check out the Pocket & Keychain Cards
  • Ask your Supervisor
  • Ask your Distributor
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Active Regeneration

Active Regeneration - conversation


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