Komatsu Care

As an original equipment manufacturer, our commitment is to deliver durable parts and reliable service in a timely manner to ensure your machine’s performance is never compromised.

Komatsu Care comes standard on all eligible Tier 4 construction equipment

When you own and operate a piece of Komatsu Tier 4 construction equipment, you can expect more than a high-tech, hard-working machine. You can also expect a strong commitment from Komatsu and your Komatsu distributor to deliver an ownership experience that’s second to none. We call it Komatsu Care — a complete service and advanced product support solution that Komatsu and our distributors provide to our customers for the life of the machine.
Komatsu Care features our exclusive complimentary scheduled maintenance program: Eligible Komatsu Tier 4 construction machine comes standard with factory scheduled maintenance for the first 3 years/2,000 hours. Complimentary Komatsu Diesel Particulate Filter exchange and SCR maintenance service for the first 5 years/ 9000 hours are also included under Komatsu Care.

An industry exclusive, with exclusive benefits

Komatsu is the first construction equipment manufacturer offering this kind of complimentary maintenance program that adds value to your Tier 4 equipment investment.  You can count on Komatsu Care to:

  • Lower your cost of ownership
  • Improve equipment uptime and reliability
  • Protect the value of your capital investment
  • Ensure that proper maintenance is performed by factory-certified technicians with OEM parts
  • Increase resale value with detailed maintenance records and transferable program benefits
  • Ensure every new Komatsu Tier 4 construction machine is covered.

Continuous maintenance support

All Komatsu machines come with KOMTRAX, our advanced remote monitoring data system that provides access to specific machine data via the internet.

KOMTRAX works with Komatsu Care to notify you and your local Komatsu distributor when a machine is due for service. This helps keep equipment in peak operating condition and enables you to monitor and manage your fleet.

Eligible new Komatsu Tier 4 construction machines are covered

The Komatsu Care program covers all new eligible Komatsu Tier 4 construction equipment, whether rented, leased or purchased. For the first 3 years or 2,000 hours, whichever comes first, you’ll receive:

  • Regular service at 500, 1,000, 1,500 and 2,000-hour intervals and 250 hours if applicable.
  • A 50-point inspection by factory-trained certified technicians at each scheduled interval
  • Komatsu Dealer Support: Labor from factory-trained certified technicians.
  • Komatsu Lubricants: our range of Komatsu Genuine Lubricants incorporates a specially formulated additive package which provides superior protection for Komatsu equipment.
  • KOWA Oil sampling and analysis.

Service will be performed by an authorized Komatsu distributor and only Komatsu genuine fluids* and OEM parts will be used.

KOWA Oil Analysis: Komatsu Oil Wear Analysis (KOWA) Sampling

  • Monitors wear characteristics.
  • Detection of trend changes.
  • Detect contaminant problems by identifying deposits in your lubricants.

Komatsu Care services are available from every authorized Komatsu distributor anywhere in the US and Canada.

* Coolant, air filters, belts, valve adjustments and accumulators are not covered under this program.

Complimentary Komatsu Diesel Particulate Filter (KDPF) exchanges are included.

Eligible Komatsu Tier 4 construction equipment comes with 2 complimentary KDPF exchange units for the first 5 years / 9000 hours whichever occurs first.  The suggested KDPF maintenance service intervals are at 4,500 hours and 9,000 hours.

  • Exchanges can occur at regular planned service intervals or at 2 unplanned times (pre-authorization required)
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • No wait for cleaning means more uptime
  • Removal and Installation performed by factory trained certified technicians to ensure the work is done to OEM standards.

Complimentary Komatsu Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) System Maintenance is also included.

Eligible Komatsu Tier 4 construction equipment comes with 2 complimentary SCR System maintenance services for the first 5 years / 9000 hours whichever occurs first. The suggested SCR System maintenance service intervals are at 4,500 hours and 9,000 hours.

The goal of an SCR system is to reduce levels of nitrogen oxides (NOx) emitted from the engine that are harmful to our health and the environment.  SCR treats exhaust gas downstream of the engine.  Small quantities of diesel emission fluid (DEF) are injected into the exhaust stream and when mixed with the NOx, changes into a harmless nitrogen and water mixture.

Extended Maintenance: Komatsu Care Plus

Komatsu CARE Plus

Your Komatsu equipment comes with a complementary 2,000-hour maintenance, but what happens after the last service has concluded?

Keep your equipment running with the same peace of mind by extending your preventative maintenance through our Komatsu Care Plus program. Komatsu Care Plus includes all manufacturer outlined maintenance items and is serviceable by any authorized Komatsu dealer nationwide. Coverage can start at 0 SMR overlapping with some of your complementary Komatsu Care services or anytime after that. Secure upfront national pricing allows you to take the guess work out of maintaining your Komatsu equipment and our Komtrax telematics lets us automatically schedule your next maintenance, so you don’t have to.

You can increase your machine’s resale value through our data retention certification and take advantage of the program benefits such as 100% core guarantee on all major components and major component assurance for needed repairs.  

Extended Maintenance & Repair: Komatsu Care Plus II

Komatsu CARE Plus 2

Want to fix most of your equipment’s operating costs?

Komatsu Care Plus II includes all the maintenance coverage and benefits outlined in Komatsu Care Plus, as well as equipment repairs. Our comprehensive coverage will keep your equipment running longer and avoid any financial surprises related to unexpected repairs. Our factory trained technicians are supported by Komatsu product specialist in timely diagnosing your equipment and assuring the right repair is done the first time using only Komatsu Genuine Parts.

Enjoy the competitive pricing of bundling your maintenance and repair agreements with Komatsu Care Plus II, all the while having the option to finance your program through Komatsu Finance’s special rates and terms. Lower your operating costs, minimize your downtime, and secure the longevity of your equipment- Komatsu Care Plus & Komatsu Care Plus II are transferrable with the machine.

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