Undercarriage Hotline

Komatsu Genuine Undercarriage Quote Line & Price Lists*

a) Undercarriage Quote Line

Komatsu America Corp. (KAC) offers reduced wholesale pricing for Komatsu undercarriage to align with the competitive undercarriage environment. A phone line and an email address are available to provide all Komatsu distributor personnel with competitive pricing for retail sales opportunities of Komatsu undercarriage parts.

After all requirements are met Komatsu Parts will review the information presented to determine a *new* Dealer Net price for the undercarriage components in question. Upon agreement of the *new* Dealer Net price that will gain the retail sale to the end-user, the Komatsu distributor will proceed by sending another email to KACPartsMarketingQuotes@komatsuna.com with specified information about the Order, the Distributor and the Customer. The order will be confirmed via email, with a Sales Order number provided as well.

Benefits of the Undercarriage Quote Line for the Distributors & Customers:

  • Increased Sales Opportunities for the Distributor due to competitive pricing
  • Enhanced customer relationships between the Distributor and its Customers
  • Meeting the needs of the customers who prefer to keep using Komatsu Genuine Parts and maintain the high quality and performance of their machine.

b)  Undercarriage Price Lists

Komatsu, may create pre-determined wholesale undercarriage parts price lists in markets outlined as strategic opportunities.

These lists contain specific machine models and specific part numbers with firm wholesale pricing. The firm price lists are created to provide consistent and quicker response to retail opportunities that are outlined based on retail competition, machine population, or other reasons agreed upon by the Distributor and Komatsu Parts Sales and Marketing.

Contact information for U/C Quote Line & the U/C Price Lists:
Jim Funk: jfunk@komatsuna.com / Tel. 847-437-4221
Ben Hogan: bhogan@komatsuna.com / Tel: 847-437-0353
Email Address: KACPartsMarketingQuotes@komatsuna.com

*For further information about the Undercarriage Hotline and the Undercarriage Price Lists contact Jim Funk at jfunk@komatsuna.com or Ben Hogan at bhogan@komatsuna.com