July Promotion

1)  Special Parts Programs –  Currently Running Tuneup/Engine Related Selected Parts:

Effective July 1st – October 1st, 2018, Komatsu offers:

Komatsu Parts

Tuneup/Engine Related Selected Parts: 

During the month of July you can get 10% off on Komatsu OEM engine related parts. These components include: injectors, belt tensioners, turbos, FI pumps, starters, alternators, aftercoolers, pistons/kits/rings, air compressors, bearings, radiators, hoses, water pumps, OEM filters.
If you achieve a 10% increase over your purchases from the same period a year ago, Komatsu will rebate 5% of your total purchases into the DF.

Wholesale purchasing dates: July 1 - Sep 30, 2018

Retail promotion dates: Aug 1 - Oct 31, 2018 - CBC ads will be running during this time

To learn more about the Parts Special Discounts, please contact your DPSM (District Parts Sales Manager)

2)  Did you Know?

Komatsu America now offers the Komatsu Worksite Virtual Reality Simulator

Komatsu Worksite Virtual Reality Simulator

The Komatsu WorksiteVR™ Simulator uses the latest virtual reality technology paired with near real-time machine controls to offer the highest quality training experience at an affordable price. Simulators are available for two different machine classes: Mid-sized excavators (PC300-8) and midsized Loaders (WA470-7).

Features & Benefits

  • Caters to the needs and learning styles of the operator, while allowing them to see, hear, and perform real tasks in a controlled environment.
  • Helps train equipment operators to handle any situation confidently and safely.
  • Lowers your cost by training operators without burning fuel or adding hours to the machine.
  • Offers the ability to assess operator’s skill level and easily set up a curriculum with a self-paced learning design.
  • Maintains a safe operating and learning environment
  • Has multiple training modules available.

To learn more, download PMN 1700-53 from the Extranet, or contact your Komatsu DPSM.