General Construction Link

General Construction Undercarriage *

It is always important to consider all Komatsu Genuine Undercarriage product offerings when making recommendations on undercarriage replacement to the customer. By presenting the right option, or even various options, you provide a value and an understanding that the competition cannot typically provide.

When reviewing those options, it is important to consider the General Construction (GC) link assemblies currently available for the PC200 and PC300 series excavators. The competitively priced GC components are Komatsu designed, engineered and manufactured. They are built to the same high-quality standards as all Komatsu Genuine Undercarriage parts, with the same heat-treat process and hardness levels to match other options available for similar machines. All GC components are interchangeable with non-GC parts, providing the peace-of-mind that they are built to last as well as ensuring a proper fit.

Available parts:
GC Link Assembly for PC200 - Part Number: 22U-32-07000 (98 link sections)
GC Link Assembly for PC220 - Part Number: 206-32-07800 (102 link sections)
GC Link Assembly for PC300 - Part Number: 207-32-07700 (96 link sections)

As the GC product line will be expanding to the D51, D61, and D65 track link assemblies, please check back again the QR code of your wall calendar in March 2018!

*For further information about the GC Link Assembly offerings, please contact Jim Funk - Senior Product Manager, at

8770 W Bryn Mawr Ave., Suite 100
Chicago, IL 60631
(847) 437-5800