April Promotion

1) April 16 - 19, 2018 Product Support Training. Only a few more seats left!

Our upcoming Product Support Training will take place at Komatsu Equipment Company’s Branch in Salt Lake City, UT. The courses have been designed to improve the attendees’ training experience and to provide them with skills and tools they can start using on the job immediately. To learn more about course content and registration dates, click here or scan the QR code on the Komatsu Parts Planning Wall Calendar. If you have any questions, please contact your DPSM or Chris Wasik at cwasik@komatsuna.com.

2) Ending soon: Spring Stock Program

Komatsu will be extending discounts on our most popular All-Makes Direct ship programs until March 31st. Discounts include an additional 5% from what may already be offered on the current program. The governing PPL/PMN are: Fleetguard (PPL1093), Cabin Filters (KUSS) -(PPL1025), Diesel Injection Fluid (PPL1031/1034), Loctite (PPL1019), Supercoolant (PPL891), Batteries (PPL1124), Shop & Maintenance (PPL1043r1) and Parker Hannifin (PMN700-11) program -that was released earlier this month. Once again, if you achieve a 10% increase over your purchases from the same period a year ago, Komatsu will rebate 5% of your total purchases into the DF.  For more information,visit: https://www.komatsuamerica.net/

3) Coming soon: Cab Related – Selected Parts Programs

Effective for April 1, 2017 - June 30, 2017, Komatsu offers:

  1. 10% discount on the following items: Operator Seats, Wiper Blades, Cab Air Filters,  Sensors and Switches, Bulbs, Mirrors and more.
  2. 15% discount on all A/C parts - no need to split out separate order for AC parts. Discount will be given using the “CB” Mktg Code.
  3. 5% Growth rebate at the end of the program, if distributor Stock Order purchases are 10% over prior year for the same period a year ago. Rebate is applied to ALL purchases on the program, not just the incremental volume. Rebate does not apply to Direct Ship parts. For rel="noopener noreferrer" more information, visit: https://www.komatsuamerica.net

4) Monthly PARTnership Bulletin:

In last month’s Parts Newsletter, learn about 4 Expectations that Customers have from a PSR,  the new Komatsu Reman Facilities and more. Download here. Stay tuned for the next monthly issues.

5) New Komatsu Parts Sales Materials available

Komatsu Parts Marketing has started developing new Product Support materials for its Distributors. rel="noopener noreferrer" The new marketing pieces are rel="noopener noreferrer" available through the Komatsu Market Place (Extranet). They consist of a self-mailer, one page ad, a two-page brochure, and a finance mailer insert.  Each piece has additional space for the Distributors to add their contact info & Logo. Designed to help support your sales opportunities, the new marketing items describe the distinctive features and benefits of rel="noopener noreferrer" Komatsu Genuine Parts.  rel="noopener noreferrer" To access the new Parts rel="noopener noreferrer" Sales Materials, click here or visit Extranet >Marketing> Komatsu Market Place. Currently available for the product lines of Undercarriage and Reman. Check back often for new pieces.

 For further information on the new marketing materials, please contact your Komatsu DPSM and ask also about the Discretionary Funds - available from Komatsu Parts Marketing for your Dealership – see PMN1700- 45.

6) Tip of the month: How to plan your customer calls and visits

When scheduling your phone calls and visits to your customers, it is important to evaluate each customer case and prioritize. Prioritization can be set based on factors such as: the level of emergency/ the impact of a project, the number of people who depend on it, the kind of relationship you have with each customer and more. Some of the practices that the best PSRs in N. America apply are: breaking the assigned territory into subterritories, and analyzing the number and application of machines in each area. Last but not least, asking your customers the right questions over the phone will help you understand more about the criticality of each case and, therefore, plan more effectively.

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