Increase Your Efficiency

How can you make more money doing your current job? Do it more efficiently. Being more efficient can save fuel, get your job done faster and save wear and tear on your machines. And that will lead to more dollars in your pocket, you can move on to the next job quicker and save on costly repairs. Let’s take a moment and look at what we mean by increasing efficiency. The goal of increased efficiency is to reduce your operating cost. That can be done by moving more material, moving it faster, moving it using less fuel and increasing overall utilization of a piece of equipment.

There are three ways to be more efficient. First, you can make the machine more efficient and increase its’ availability. On this page you’ll see ways Komatsu has made the way machines operate and work more efficiently. Second, you can operate the machine in a more efficient manner. It all comes down to the operator and how he chooses to operate his machine. And lastly, you can make the operator more comfortable and consequently more efficient and productive.

How has Komatsu made its’ machines more efficient? There are lots of ways but we’ll just offer a few examples here.

  • On dozers, lock-up torque converters provide faster ground speeds to produce more while reducing fuel consumption.

  • The unique Komatsu Sigma dozer blade can carry 15% more material than conventional design blades.

  • Hydrostatic transmissions drive Komatsu small wheel loaders giving them quick starts, great digging power and dynamic braking.

  • Hybrid technology in the HB excavator can reduce fuel consumption by up to 30% with the same production as a conventional excavator while emitted much less CO2 and noise.

  • Hydraulic matching technology in Komatsu hydraulic excavators saves power by giving only the hydraulic flow that the machine demands for a particular job.

  • Smart Loader Logic in mid-size wheel loaders controls engine torque to provide just what is needed when traveling.

  • Komatsu’s Tier 4 technology produces fuel savings over Tier 3 equivalent engines.

  • In certain applications, PLUS undercarriage can provide up to twice the undercarriage life.

  • Onboard diagnostics will tell the operator/ maintenance people about issues before they become big issues.

  • When there is an issue, troubleshooting can be done through the monitor.

  • KOMTRAX, Komatsu’s remote machine monitoring system, will tell the owner how the machine is being operated and he can review the information with his operator to make sure he is operating in the most efficient manner.

  • Komatsu CARE provides complimentary factory maintenance on all Tier 4 construction machines for 3 years or 2,000 hours whichever comes first. In addition, there are two complimentary KDPF replacements.

You can check out individual product pages to find out more ways Komatsu machines can positively impact your business by being more efficient.

How can the operator be more efficient?

  • Most Tier 3 and all Tier 4 Komatsu machines feature selectable working modes, six modes for excavators and two for dozers, wheel loaders, grader and articulated trucks. By having the ability to select his working mode, the operator can tailor his machine and its’ capabilities to the job at hand. In other words, when the job is easy, the operator can work in economy mode rather than power mode to save 7 to 20% on fuel depending on the model.

  • KOMTRAX, Komatsu’s remote machine monitoring system can tell the owner/operator how much the machine is operating in each mode and how much idle time it is experiencing. By analyzing this data, the operator can change his working habits to use the most efficient modes to match his work and to reduce wasteful idle time.

  • By increasing the stability of a machine, the operator will be able to lift, push, dig or carry more material and have the confidence to do it faster.

Making the operator’s work station more comfortable and easier to use, will also increase efficiency.

  • Large 7” high definition LCD color monitors are easy to read and give the operator information the operator can use to operate his machine at peak performance.

  • Rear view cameras and in cab monitors give the operator excellent awareness behind his machine.

  • Heated air suspension seats keep the operator comfortable and focused on his work.

  • Low effort, palm or fingertip control levers are easy to use and take the muscle out of the job while introducing high precision control.

For more information on how Komatsu products can increase your efficiency, check out the equipment pages on this site or contact your local Komatsu distributor. Don’t know your local distributor? Go to the distributor locator at the top or bottom of this page and it will locate the closest Komatsu distributor to you.

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