Machine Programs and Tools

Undercarriage Management System (UMS)

This software is developed to help you calculate the wear of your machine.  Some of its features and benefits: 

  • User friendly:  
    • Email inspection directly from your PC, Laptop or Tablet version (must have Wi-Fi connection).
    • This new program can be used on your laptop and PC and shortly a tablet (Android & IOS) version will be introduced.
    • Global program that currently supports English, French, and Spanish & Dutch.
  • Data collector: A multi-page inspection report with graphs that you can share with your customers. Ability to take and store pictures on your inspection report. 
  • Compatible: 
    • It is designed to support the current ultrasonic tool available through Komatsu as well as the old model previously supplied by GE.
    • Komtrax - If the machine is reporting through Komtrax, it will self-populate with current SMR and customer info. 

Ultrasonic Measuring Tool

The Ultrasonic Measuring Tool tests and records the worn part dimensions of your undercarriage.  Not only does it improve many aspects of the measuring process but also electronically collects and stores the data required to calculate the remaining wear life and provide detailed reports. This Komatsu Ultrasonic Tool has a multitude of key advantages in supporting these efforts:


  • Decreases the amount of time required to prepare a part for measurement
  • Provides consistent accuracy even when used by different inspectors
  • Records the measurement as it is taken, providing a reliable data recording operation
  • Measures bushings after a turn
  • Accepts manual measurements
  • Downloads data directly to your personal computer for calculation of remaining wear life and other detailed reports in the Komatsu e-Care program
  • Offers accurate measurements
  • Can be used to measure the thickness of other parts such as fuel tanks and cutting edges up to twenty inches in thickness

Komatsu Oil Wear Analysis (KOWA)

Analyzing engine oil and other fluids is the best way to “look inside” a machine’s powertrain and other internal components. It can help you identify trends and make informed repair and maintenance decisions. The Komatsu Oil & Wear Analysis (KOWA) program allows you to pinpoint and resolve equipment problems. Whether it is engine oil, hydraulic fluid or even coolant, this program is the best way to look inside your equipment. KOWA uses highly reputable, independent laboratories across N. America to ensure you are provided with an unbiased appraisal of the condition of your equipment. Its testing facilities are ISO accredited to ensure the highest degree of accuracy and confidence. KOWA offers “Next-day Turnaround” upon receipt of samples for routine analysis. Oil analysis results are compared to Komatsu guidelines to eliminate any guesswork.

Features and Benefits of KOWA:

  • ISO accredited independent labs for accurate and objective results you can trust
  • Results are compared to Komatsu guidelines to eliminate guesswork
  • Additional testing options available upon request
  • Identify minor problems before they become major failures
  • Opportunity to reduce life-cycle costs (extend component life)
  • Ability to prioritize informed reselling and purchasing decisions
  • Toll – free access for technical support.

Contact your Komatsu Distributor (here) today to place an order for KOWA kits.

Repair and Maintenance Program (RAMP)

Komatsu America Corp. offers discounts for Parts that are included in a Repair and Maintenance Program (RAMP). Contact your local distributor to find out more.

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