KSI Schedule

KSI Schedule will be posted 2 months prior to event.

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Registration will be on our Learning Management System (LMS) which requires user credentials.
If you do NOT have LMS credentials, please send an email to K-Request@komatsuna.com to request a user id and password (see sample email verbiage below). You will be notified when your USERID and PASSWORD have been created.   

Sample verbiage for K-Request email (copy and paste this into your K-Request email):   
Please create a Userid and password for me to gain access to the Learning Management System.
My Name: Your Name Here
I am with: Distributor Name Here
Branch City is: City Name Here
My Manager is: Manager Name here

***NOTE:  Please review your current LMS records for past courses completed.  You only receive credit for the first time you take each of the KSI courses.  You may sign up for a course more than once, however, any duplicate courses will not count toward your overall required credits.  If you feel there are missing course credits on your LMS records, please contact the KSI Team.

Contact the KSI Team at ksi@komatsuna.com for any questions.

Download the list of FAQ here.

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