Leasing through Komatsu Financial you can:

  • Acquire New Technologically Advanced Equipment More Often
  • Match A Machine To A Particular Job
  • Utilize Off Balance Sheet Financing
  • Expense Your Monthly Payment
  • Reduce Initial Cash Outlay

All of our leases offer aggressive residuals and, at lease maturity, the ability to extend the lease, return the unit, or purchase it with financing available through Komatsu Financial.

Operating Lease

The Advantage Lease -- available only through Komatsu Financial -- provides all the benefits of traditional leasing plus the safety of pre-determined and disclosed purchase options and the flexibility to make decisions based on current market conditions. Options do not have to be exercised until 60 days before your scheduled lease maturity. There are no surprises with the Advantage Lease.

Fair Market Value

Fair Market Value Lease -- Offers low initial cash outlay and affordable monthly payments. At lease termination, the customer is given an option to return the equipment or purchase it for its fair market value.


Komatsu Financial's Municipal Lease Program addresses the unique restrictions and budgetary concerns of purchasing equipment for a government agency.

  • Provides tax-exempt lease-to-purchase option for qualified governmental agencies.
  • Competitive rates without the underwriting costs or administrative burdens of issuing bonds.
  • Financing can be arranged with terms from two to six years.
  • Payments can be made monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually to meet the municipality's cash flow.

Financial Lease

Bargain purchase option with values as low as $1 allows customer the flexibility to set payments and purchase option.

For tax purposes all transactions should be reviewed with your tax advisor.

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