• 236,340 - 236,670 lbs Operating Weight
  • 856 @2050 rpm Horsepower
  • 15 - 17 yd¬≥ Bucket Capacity


Power, stability and maneuverability. That’s what you get with the 17.0 yd3, 856 hp, WA900-3. High stability when digging in the pile and when maneuvering, the WA900-3 is a production loader that can exceed your demands. Using the advanced joystick steering, the operator has the precise control and nimble feel to make him think he’s operating a loader half its size.


Adjustment-Free Braking System

Wet multi-disc service brakes and fully hydraulic braking system mean lower maintenance costs and higher reliability. Wet disc brakes are fully sealed, helping keep contaminants out, reducing wear and maintenance. Brakes are adjustment-free, meaning even lower maintenance. Reliability is designed into the braking system by the use of two independent hydraulic circuits. This provides hydraulic backup should one of the circuits fail. Fully hydraulic brakes mean no air system to bleed, or the condensation of water in the system that can lead to contamination, corrosion, and freezing.

Advanced Joystick Steering System

AJSS is a feedback steering system which has been incorporated to allow steering and forward and reverse selection to be controlled by wrist and finger control. With the feedback function, the machine steering angle is exactly the same angle as the lever tilt angle.


Komatsu manufactures the engine, torque converter, transmission, hydraulic units, and electric parts. Komatsu loaders are manufactured with an integrated production system under strict quality control.

Dual-Mode Active Working System

The machine is equipped with a two mode active working system. This system provides the most efficient hydraulic flow for your operation. The active working switch has two modes: Powerful Loading or Normal Loading.

Durable Buckets

Komatsu buckets are manufactured using high-tensile strength steel with replaceable welded wear plates for extended bucket life. Additional strength has been added to the bucket bottom corners, side edges, and spill guard ends for increased durability.


Bucket capacities:

17.0 yd³ / 13.0 m³ Standard boom

15.0 yd³ / 11.5 m³ High-lift boom

Excellent Stability

The WA800-3 has the widest tread in its class 11'0" / 3,350 mm  and a long 17'11'' / 5,450 mm  wheelbase, for maximum machine stability.


Static tipping load

(with 45/65-45, 58 PR (L-5) tires / bucket 17.0 yd³ / 13.0 m³)

144,780 lb / 65670 kg Straight

126,610 lb / 57430 kg 40° full turn

High Breakout Force

Komatsu wheel loaders have high-tensile steel Z-bar loader linkages for maximum rigidity and maximum breakout force. Sealed loader linkage pins extend greasing intervals.

149,690 lb / 67900 kg  Breakout force

17.0 yd³ / 13.0 m³  Excavating spade nose bucket with teeth

High-rigidity Frames and Loader Linkage

The front and rear frames and the loader linkage have more torsional rigidity to secure resistance against increased stress. Frame and loader linkage are designed to accommodate actual working loads, and simulated computer testing proves its strength.


As part of a complete service and support program, Komatsu equips every mining and quarry sized machine with KOMTRAX Plus. By using a satellite-based communication system, KOMTRAX Plus offers a new vision of monitoring your valuable assets by providing insight to critical operating metrics and information that can be used to increase availability, lower owning and operating costs and maximize fuel efficiency. The KOMTRAX Plus information available on MyKomatsu.com allows service personnel and asset owners to review cautions, operational data, fuel consumption, payloads and key component measurements provided in forms of trends. With KOMTRAX Plus, knowledge becomes the power to fuel your productivity.

Large Dumping Clearance

The WA800-3 was designed with ample dumping clearance for dump truck matching.

Low Vibration and Noise

The cab rests on Komatsu viscous damping mounts (rubber and silicon oil) to reduce vibration and noise. All hydraulic equipment is mounted on high-resistance rubber to further reduce vibration and noise. Noise level at the operator’s ear is 75 dB(A).

Rear Access Stairs

For the purpose of boarding and exiting the machine, rear access stairs with handrail are provided. The step width clearance and the step angle have been designed for easy entry and exit. A step light is provided for night boarding.

Simple Checks- Easy Maintenance

The main monitor and the maintenance monitor (EDIMOS II) are neatly arranged for a quick, clear reading of machine functions. The main monitor also has a diagnostic function.


Axles and Final Drives

Drive system Four-wheel drive
Front Fixed, full-floating
Rear Center-pin support, full-floating, 22° total oscillation
Reduction gear Spiral bevel gear
Differential gear Straight bevel gear
Final reduction gear Planetary gear, single reduction, oil bath


Service brakes Hydraulically actuated, wet disc brakes actuate on four wheels
Parking brake Dry disc brake
Secondary brake Parking brake is commonly used


Model Komatsu SAA12V140E-3
Type Water-cooled, 4 cycle
Aspiration Turbocharged, air-to-air aftercooled
Number of cylinders 12
Bore x stroke 5.51'' x 6.50'' 140 mm x 165 mm
Piston displacement 1,860 in³ 30.48 ltr
Governor all-speed, electronic
Flywheel horsepower
SAE J1995 - Gross 900 HP 672 kW
ISO 9249/SAE J1349 - Net 856 PS 638 kW
Rated rpm 2050 rpm
Fan drive method for radiator cooling Mechanical
Fuel system Direct injection
Lubrication system
Method Gear pump, force-lubrication
Filter Full-flow and bypass combined
Air cleaner Dry type with automatic dust ejector and pre-cleaner, cyclopac with vacuator
EPA Tier 2 emissions certified.

Hydraulic System

Steering system:
Hydraulic pump Piston pump
Capacity / at rated rpm 83.2 U.S. gal/min 315 ltr/min
Relief valve setting 4,977 psi 34.3 MPa / 350 kgf/cm²
Hydraulic cylinders:
Type Double-acting, piston type
Number of cylinders 2
Bore x stroke 6.3" x 19.8" 160 mm x 503 mm
Loader control:
Hydraulic pump Piston pump
Capacity / at rated rpm 109.6 U.S. gal/min 415 ltr/min
Relief valve setting 4,977 psi 34.3 MPa / 350 kgf/cm²
Hydraulic cylinders:
Type Double-acting, piston type
Number of cylinders—bore x stroke:
Boom cylinder - 2 10.2" x 53.9" 260 mm x 1368 mm
Bucket cylinder - 1 11.8" x 35.7" 300 mm x 906 mm
Control valve Spool type
Control positions:
Boom Raise, hold, lower, and float
Bucket Tilt-back, hold, and dump
Hydraulic cycle time (rated load in bucket):
Raise 11.2 sec
Dump 2.0 sec
Lower (Empty) 4.8 sec

ROPS and Cab

The cab is mounted on viscous damping mounts and is well insulated.

Service Refill Capacities

Cooling system 89.0 U.S. gal 337 ltr
Fuel tank 410.8 U.S. gal 1555 ltr
Engine 34.3 U.S. gal 130 ltr
Hydraulic system 191.5 U.S. gal 725 ltr
Axle (each front and rear) 95.1 U.S. gal 360 ltr
Torque converter and transmission 37.0 U.S. gal 140 ltr

Steering System

Type Articulated type, full-hydraulic power steering
Steering angle 40° each direction
Minimum turning radius at the center of outside tire 30'2" 9200 mm


Torque converter - Type 3-element, single-stage, single-phase
Transmission - Type Full-powershift, planetary type
Travel Speed*
1st Forward 4.3 mph 7.0 km/h
1st Reverse 4.4 mph 7.1 km/h
2nd Forward 7.6 mph 12.3 km/h
2nd Reverse 7.7 mph 12.4 km/h
3rd Forward 17.4 mph 28.0 km/h
3rd Reverse 17.6 mph 28.3 km/h
*Measured with 45/65-45, 58 PR (L-5)


  • AM/FM stereo radio cassette
  • Advanced Joystick Steering System (AJSS)
  • Alternator, 90 A/24 V
  • Air conditioner
  • Ashtray and cigarette lighter
  • Automatic greasing
  • Automatic transmission F3 / R3
  • Back-up alarm
  • Back-up light
  • Batteries, 160 Ah/12 V x 4 
  • Boom kick-out
  • Bucket positioner
  • Cab including front and rear wipers, windshield washers, and power windows
  • Counterweight
  • Directional signal
  • Parking brake
  • Engine, Komatsu SAA12V140E-3 diesel
  • Engine pre-lube system
  • Fast fill fuel system
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Floormat
  • Front working lights two (2)
  • Hard water area arrangement (corrosion resister)
  • Head lights two (2)
  • Heater and defroster
  • KOMTRAX Plus
  • Power train guard
  • Radiator grid, lattice type
  • Rear access stairs
  • Rear defroster (electric)
  • Rims for 45/65-45 tires
  • Rearview mirrors
  • Rear working lights two (2)
  • Room mirror
  • ROPS/FOPS Level 2 canopy
  • Seat belt, 76 mm / 3" wide retractable
  • Seat, air suspension type with reclining
  • Secondary steering
  • Service brakes, wet disc type
  • Side working lights two (2)


  • Counterweight for high lift boom
  • High lift boom
  • Lift cylinders and bucket cylinder
  • Standard boom