Certified Used Mining Equipment

Old Mining Equipment is Still Useful

Read why your older Komatsu equipment remains an efficient and reliable choice

Komatsu ReMarketing allows you to invest in high quality used mining equipment without spending a fortune. Unlike used equipment brokers and dealers who sell their equipment "as is", most Komatsu used equipment is distributor certified. That means Komatsu distributors perform testing, diagnostics, and minor repairs before they give it their stamp of approval. We even offer financing options and maintenance / warranty programs to make buying this high-quality used mining equipment that much easier.

Komatsu Distributor Certified Used Mining Equipment is ideal for anyone looking for cost-effective ways to expand their fleets or replace old equipment. It's a great opportunity to maximize your work capabilities with minimal capital outlay. The Komatsu Distributor Certified label assures that you get the equipment you need, when you need it, at a price you can afford. Each machine is field inspected to evaluate it against Komatsu's high performance standards. Our distributors perform complete diagnostic testing and make any necessary repairs. Each machine then undergoes a final inspection and can be further reconditioned and customized to meet your needs.

Where do you start? The process begins with your Komatsu distributor. They'll help you identify your equipment needs, discuss financing options, and explain maintenance and warranty programs. You'll get the machine that's right for the job. It's that easy.

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