Forklift Rental

Forklift Rental


So why get a forklift rental from a Komatsu dealer? Your Komatsu dealer is a forklift expert. They will steer you in the right direction and handle everything from start to finish. Komatsu is a world leader in heavy equipment design and manufacturing. We take great pride in partnering with our dealers and customers to provide:

  • High quality equipment that provides you with:
    • Low costs of operation
    • Exceptional support from factory trained technicians
    • A dealer network dedicated to exceeding your expectations

Let Komatsu Handle Your Equipment Needs

Let the ease of Komatsu forklift rental take a load off of your mind, allowing you to focus on your core business.

  • The right equipment for the job, when you need it
  • Flexibility to add or subtract as necessary
  • Best of all with Komatsu forklifts on the job, we can help you:
    • Minimize downtime
    • Improve productivity
    • Benefit your bottom line

You Need Flexibility, We Give It

Your needs may change from month-to-month or from season-to-season. With Komatsu Forklift Rental, you add or subtract equipment as required. With ownership or leasing you don’t have the same flexibility. You are sometimes stuck with the equipment you have and if additional equipment is needed, you have to hassle with trying to add. If you buy or lease to meet your year-round needs you may be paying for equipment that sits idle for weeks at a time.

Quality Equipment at Affordable Rates

Komatsu understands material handling and offers a wide variety of forklifts to meet the application needs of our customers. We evaluate your application, assess your equipment needs, and then offer our recommendations for your application. And we handle it all, including all preventative maintenance and repairs, quickly and efficiently to keep your equipment on the job and working for you!



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