Forklift Dealer Network

Forklift Dealer Network

Our Forklift Dealers Network

Komatsu Forklift has a dependable dealer network with over 195 dealer locations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. Your nearby Komatsu Forklift Dealer is ready to assist you with forklifts for your specific application needs, workplace and working environment.

Komatsu Forklift dealers make customer satisfaction a top priority. There is a strong commitment to providing quality products and services while building solid, meaningful customer partnerships.

Contact your local Komatsu Forklift dealer to find out how using Komatsu products and dealer services can improve your company’s productivity and lower costs of operation. To find your local dealer, simply click on the Find a Forklift Distributor


Find a Forklift Distributor

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