Elevate your decision making and optimize your surface mining operation with a Komatsu FrontRunner Autonomous Haulage System (AHS)

Mine-wide optimization and safety is your priority, and to help you continue to meet your bottom line while achieving zero-harm, our focus has been developing and improving autonomous mining solutions for nearly three decades. Komatsu’s FrontRunner Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) plays an increasingly critical role in effective mine management, creating safer work environments, increasing productivity and reducing operating costs so you can achieve greater gains with less risk.

A connected mine

FrontRunner couples the industry’s most trusted Komatsu electric drive haul trucks and Modular Mining’s DISPATCH Fleet Management System for around the clock reliability you can depend on.

AHS haul trucks (AHTs), installed with high-precision global navigation satellite positioning systems (HP-GNSS), advanced sensors, and integrated controllers are remotely controlled from a central control room for unmanned hauling. They operate autonomously over high-performance wireless networks (including LTE) and are designed to operate an entire fleet by a single operator.

The FrontRunner system is designed to enable manually operated equipment (such as loaders, dozers, graders, light vehicles, etc.) to safely interact in an AHT environment to further optimize the mining operation.

Autonomous Haulage System - Experience Matters

Experience matters

After more than a decade in commercial operation, the FrontRunner AHS has moved more than two billion tons of surface material. Today there are nearly 150 trucks operating autonomously in 9 mine sites, moving multiple commodities in 3 continents around the world.

To underscore our commitment to progress, we aim to enhance the autonomous mining solution’s mixed-operation functions, enabling manned trucks of any make to interoperate with Komatsu AHS trucks in a blended operation. We are also working with industry stakeholders toward standardization of interoperability between Komatsu and non-Komatsu autonomous vehicles, to provide mining operations more flexibility.

Zero Harm

Reduce risk with 100 percent compliance to FrontRunner assignments, moving workers from inside the pit to safer working environments. Since its deployment more than a decade ago, there have been zero system-related injuries involving the FrontRunner AHS.

Autonomous Haulage System - Productivity

Productivity you can rely on

Autonomous mining is your gateway to a fully connected, intelligent mine, offering longer life and improved productivity. Komatsu’s AHS system has reduced load and haul unit costs by as much as 15 percent over manned operations. Some FrontRunner mines have achieved a 15% increase in truck utilization, while also reducing downtime and increasing production.

In early 2019, the FrontRunner AHS qualified to operate on private long-term evolution (LTE) mobile broadband technology – the mining industry’s first AHS enabled to run on private LTE in commercial operations. Private LTE networks pave the way for ultra-high system availability and reliability within a multi-application environment, improving security, capacity and overall performance. With an LTE network working 24/7 to keep your operation up and running, you maintain consistent, dependable production and greater gains over time.

Autonomous Haulage System - Reduce Cost

Reduce your costs

Real-time decision-making drives productivity and increases efficiency to improve your bottom line. Komatsu’s FrontRunner AHS supervisory system coupled with Modular Mining’s DISPATCH fleet management system continuously assesses the entire mining operation. DISPATCH’s advanced optimization algorithms enable maximum productivity through real-time decision making, driving productivity and reducing your cost by as much as 15 percent through mine-wide process optimization.

Minimize your footprint

Autonomy is a key component to the future of mining, balancing the need for natural resource sustainability with the demands of societal growth.

Advanced control technologies reduce emissions, tire wear and fuel consumption. Operation of trucks within design specifications can result in tire life more than doubling.

Autonomous mining: Are you ready?

Our flexible approach to autonomous mining enables you to transition your surface mine into an autonomous fleet over time.

The Komatsu FrontRunner Autonomous Haulage System can take your mining to the next level with less risk, more control and greater peace of mind. If you’re ready for a partner to ensure successful AHS implementation to help you achieve your goals, contact us to learn more today.

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